I'm a single man. It was amicable, and we're going to try being friends after a couple weeks of space time.

It's pretty much to do with distance. After 6 weeks together in China, our relationship had gotten to the point where we needed to be together, and that just wasn't feasible.

Separating from the we identity shall be the most difficult part.
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Thoughts while driving for 6 hours

She loves me, which makes me happy, so I love her.
I love her, so I try to make her happy.
I make her happy, so she loves me.
She loves me, so she tries to make me happy...

Yeesh, will you look at what I just wrote. Time to listen to some heavy metal and watch a shoot 'em up.

Oh yeah, finals are done, China next Wednesday.
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I recently participated in drama club's 24 hour play festival. The idea is that a few 8 minute plays are written, rehearsed, and performed all within 24 hours. I was a playwright for the festival, and I've decided to post the script my I cowrote. It went off quite well and I am extremely proud of my creation.

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One of the things about my blog notes is that there tend to be a lot of little notes that don't fit in with what I'm writing, so I look back and eventually some of them begin to fit in with later tales.
Of course a lot of life here is simply day to day routine that I've already described, so I forget to update so frequently as I should.

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Frackin' Aytch

The Registrar at CSBSJU is trying to kill me.

I was originally planning on 4 classes next semester: Differential Equations, Industrial Organization, Quantitative Methods of Economics, and Foundations of math.

Diff Eq's was at the same time as I/O or at the same time as foundations, so I switched out and put my upper division theology (blech) this semester and Diff Eq's in my final semester. Not ideal, but it works.

Then I got the first schedule update. Now I/O is at the exact same time as Quantitative, I need to take both of these classes, and I don't have a time turner. I'm working with my advisor to find a solution, but I'm kinda frustrated with my schedule.

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Firefly Karaoke


I just spent the weekend in bed with a nubile young virus. Fortunately she's leaving me this week, but she's taking her time about it.

Q: Now where was I?

A: Many places, starting with Hong Kong

Q's R to A: That was a rhetorical question

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Liriver stones

There were a couple things I did mean to mention about the Li River cruise: During the first part of the ride a few enterprising merchants rowed up on boats of their own trying to sell fake jade. By this time pretty much everyone in the group, including myself was tired of the endless stream of merchants so I decided to have a little fun. Instead of ignoring them like I usually do, I just started staring creepily at one of the merchants.

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